Collagen is a type of protein which is fibrous in nature. It connects and supports bodily tissue such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles and cartilage. This essential protein also provides amino acids to help supplement protein levels.

Collagen is a key part of maintaining healthy, hydrated skin and boosting the skin’s elasticity. However, after we reach the age of 25, our natural collagen production starts to slow down and make us appear less youthful – making collagen supplements an anti-again must have!

To produce collagen naturally, your body needs the following:

  • Proline: found in egg whites, dairy products and vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage and asparagus.
  • Vitamin C: found in citrus fruits and bell peppers
  • Glycine: found in protein rich foods, pork/chicken skin and gelatin.
  • Copper: found in cocoa powder, cashew nuts, seeds and lentils.
  • Zinc: found in red meats such as beef, pork and lamb, shellfish and dairy products.

While aging is inevitable, slowing down the aging process has been a focus of scientific research for decades, with countless anti aging solutions available from topical creams to botox. Collagen is promoted as a ‘fountain of youth’ for its potential to reduce/prevent the appearance of skin aging such as wrinkles and dry skin.

Collagen supplements are also commonly used for their other health benefits, such as strengthening bones, promoting hair growth and improving joint health.

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