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500mg | 30ml


Our Well Woman CBD Drops have been specially formulated to ease the symptoms of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause, so you can get on with living. Shown to reduce stressful symptoms associated with hormonal changes (like hot flushes, mood swings, joint pain, broken sleep and poor digestion) Well Woman is here to help, so you can get back to feeling like you.


CBD Isolate, Coconut MCT Oil, Dong Quai Extract, Red Clover Extract., Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Humulene, A.Pinene, B.Pinene, Terpineol, B.Ocimene.


How to use

Using the pipette, drop 1-4 drops under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds before swallowing. The drops can also be added to hot drinks, smoothies, or food for consumption. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.